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For your family law and estate planning needs. 


     The road of life can take many twists and turns.
Whether the shift is in the direction of creating an estate plan for the future or dealing with a family law matter, you need affordable, caring and quality legal service on your side. Wherever the road is taking you, the Law Office of Shirley D. Farmer is here to help guide you on your path.
     When you need legal help, you deserve an advocate on your side focused on you.
Understanding your legal rights and options does not have to be complicated, and quality legal service should alleviate your stress, not add to it. Our approach comes from personal and professional experience and emphasizes skilled, compassionate, and personalized service that is both affordable and effective to best meet your individual needs and goals.

       The Law Office of Shirley D. Farmer utilizes a web-based management system and optimized use of technology to maximize efficiency and provide superior service while maintaining an environmentally friendly office and passing the savings on to you. Attorney Shirley D. Farmer is licensed to practice law in the State of Oregon as well as certified for practice in the Coquille Indian Tribal Court. 
               Whether you need help with a Family Law matter ~
                    (divorce, custody, support)
               or creating an Estate Plan ~
                    (wills, trusts, power of attorney, advance directives)
               Call, Email or use the Contact Form in this website to
               schedule a consultation today!

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